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Cutting-Edge Pain Relief Without

Dangerous and Addictive Opioids Or Surgery

If you suffer with pain... and would like to discover the best medical treatments available... without the use of dangerous and addictive opioids or risky surgery... just click "learn more" below and start your journey to possibly eliminating some or even all of your pain...

Knee Pain

"One Of The Most Powerful Knee Pain Treatments Modern Medicine Has To Offer"

Knee arthritis sufferers can't get it fast enough and doctors offering it can't keep up with the demand.  "It's been incredible.  We've been able to help so many knee arthritis sufferers who had given up hope."  This changes lives...

Back Pain

The Advanced Medical Approach Modern Doctors Are Using To End Serious Back Pain...

Introducing the new "Back To Fun" pain elimination program that utilizes the best of multiple healing arts, science, medicine and technology to break the vicious pain cycle and get results when others have fail...


Doctor's "Last Chance" Approach To Fibromyalgia Gives New Hope When All Else Has Failed...

 How long have you wanted your Fibromyalgia to just go away?Fibro sufferers pack Tennessee doctor's office for the opportunity to see if they qualify for innovative treatment and the chance to finally relieve pain, chronic fatigue and more...

Who Is Dr. Walter Bennett And Why Should You Trust Him To Relieve Your Pain?

My name is Dr. Walter Bennett.

I am author of the book, "Ending Your Pain Nightmare" and I am Chiropractor and Nurse Practitioner.  

My goal has alway been to combine these two great professions and offer patients the best cutting-edge medical treatments available for pain.  

And I'm excited for the opportunity to help you... like I have already helped countless other just like you in the 15 years I have been practicing.

It's amazing how fast medical technology and treatments are advancing.  

We can help so many people today that were simply out of luck and had to learn to live with the pain not too long ago.

Can I help everyone?

Of course not.

No ethical doctor would say such a thing... or guarantee ANY results.

The truth of the matter is:  every patient is individual... and results vary for everyone.

That's just the nature of science and medicine.

But I can say this... with 100% certainty...

I will be up front and honest with you.

I will answer all your questions... and... do an evaluation to see if you qualify for any of our treatments.

What does qualify mean?

It means that I feel you stand a very good chance to get good results from one or more of our treatments.  

I have a high success rate because of patients selection.

If you are selected... there is a great chance we can help you.

If I feel I cannot help you... I will do everything I can to find another doctor who can.

Sounds fair... right?

So give me a call at 931-251-3009 and schedule your consultation with me.

Let's get together and figure out how to get you out of pain.

"One Of The Most Powerful Knee Pain Treatments Modern Medicine Has To Offer"

Knee arthritis sufferers can't get it fast enough and doctors offering it can't keep up with the demand...

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