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Is The Possibility To Relieve Your Back Pain Worth 30 Minutes To You?

The Advanced Medical Approach Modern Doctors Are Using To End Serious Back Back

Introducing the new "Back To Fun" pain elimination program that utilizes the best of multiple healing arts, science, medicine and technology to break the vicious pain cycle and get results when others have failed...

From the Desk Of Dr. Walter Bennett: 

If you suffer with back pain - here’s and important question for you…

Have you gone to several different Doctors and specialists for your back pain and gotten different – sometimes radically different recommendations from some or all of them?

One says you have a misaligned bone and wants the “adjust” it.  

Another thinks it’s your muscle and wants to stretch, strengthen and rehab it.

Another wants you to take pain pills, muscle relaxers and rest it.  Many even want you to take addictive and dangerous opiates.  And some want to operate on it.

What’s worse, none of it worked particularly well – at best you only got temporary relief.

If so, and if you want a real possible solution to your back pain... then here is the full, uncensored story about why doctors disagree and how a doctor in Tennessee is getting wonderful results with back pain.

In just a moment you will discover how this has been proved by countless Tennessee back pain sufferers who are now either pain-free… or… have seriously reduced their pain.

And even better – how other doctors told many of them they would have to learn to live with the pain – but are now playing sports again, going for long walks, sleeping and waking up without pain and stiffness, having more energy and feeling and looking younger and healthier.

But first, if you really want the best chance to end your back pain, you have to understand this… 

Why This May Not Be For You

This is NOT about a “miracle overnight cure.”

Miracle overnight cures only exist in the minds of clever advertisers.

Instead, this is a real, practical, evidence based medical approach to treating back pain. 

Who Is This For?

This is for smart, informed people who understand the difference between reality and hyped up infomercial trickery. 

This is for people who want the straight truth about what the best medical science and technology has to offer them for solving their back pain. 

In other words, this is for you only if you are the type of person who will not settle for second best when it comes to treating your back pain – and don’t want to be tricked into buying some miracle cure that ends up being another frustrating letdown. 

If you are that type of person… then the rest of this article may be the most important thing you ever do to solve your back pain.

Here is why…

Scientific research is a major part of how Doctors choose their treatments and 

what is covered by insurance. 

And back pain treatments are constantly being researched to see which ones work – and which ones do not.

And even more important – which ones are the best. 

And one thing is abundantly clear about back pain – there is no ONE ANSWER or ONE APPROACH that works for everyone. 

That is one of the reasons so many doctors can’t agree.

Treatments cannot be “one size fits all.”  

What worked for one patient – may not work for you. 

Makes perfect sense... doesn’t it?  But there is a problem: 

Doctors and back pain specialists are usually trained in ONE SPECIFIC WAY. 

For example... a Chiropractor learns Chiropractic, an Orthopedist learns Orthopedics. A Physical Therapist learns Physical Therapy. A Pain Management Doctor learns pain management, a Surgeon learns surgery... and on and on.

You get the point. 

Research clearly shows that each of these approaches works for some back pain patients. But they are all limited in one way or another. 

A Breakthrough Approach To Treating Back Pain

Years ago, doctors of a certain philosophy tended to isolate themselves.

For example, many medical practices had only one type of doctor.

This means you could only get one type of care – that may be incomplete or not right for you. 

To get another opinion or type of care – you had to be referred out.

This means you have to travel to another doctor’s office or clinic.

The disadvantages of wasted time and having doctors work independently are frustrating… and often lead to less effective results and your constant disappointment. 


Now Things Have Changed

Modern Doctors realize the best way to help back pain is to combine the best of all the scientifically proven approaches. 

In other words, take the best of what all the healing arts have to offer and make an INDIVIDUALIZED treatment plan that is most likely to work specifically for YOU. 

For example, isn’t it better to have several different types of doctors all working together to solve your back pain – then it is to just have one? 

And wouldn’t it be better for you to have several different back pain specialists all in one location? 

And perhaps most important of all, wouldn’t it be best if you had your own personal doctor who orchestrated and coordinated those specialists so all your care was provided at the precise and appropriate time to get the best outcomes? 

This not only makes it more convenient for you - it makes sure the specialists are all working together as a team - to get you out of pain as fast as possible. 

The problem with that approach is... many doctors equals very high cost.

Each doctor must get paid.

And specialists are not cheap.

Well, what if there was a way to have the KNOWLEDGE of several different types of back pain doctors... all in ONE DOCTOR?

That way... you get the best of the different approaches and techniques... without the crazy cost.

Plus... one doctor never argues with him or herself.  If they do... you better run!!!  LOL

Anyway.... that’s precisely why Elk River Medical is having such tremendous success treating back pain.

Elk River is a medical clinic located 2310 Thornton Taylor Parkway Suite C in Fayetteville, TN 37334 has a special back pain program called the The "Back To Fun Pain Elimination System.” 

This unique system brings together the best of Medicine and healing arts (all in one doctor) to eliminate back pain for patients that had tried so many other treatments without success. 

Who is this doctor?


My name is Dr. Walter Bennett.  I am author of the book, "Ending Your Pain Nightmare" and I am Chiropractor and Nurse Practitioner.

My goal has alway been to combine these two great professions and offer patients the best cutting-edge medical treatments available for pain.  

And I'm excited for the opportunity to help you... like I have already helped countless other just like you in the 15 years I have been practicing.

Many of my patients say how they were frustrated and ready to give up before my Back To Fun Pain Elimination System was able to change their life. 

What is the… 

“Back To Fun Pain Elimination System” And Why Does It Work So Well?

I found, in case after case, that when all of the different back pain methods and their techniques were used in a coordinated and organized approach - the results were much better then when a more separate and random approach was used. 

What’s more, I believe these great results are mainly due to two reasons: 

First, I believe utilizing all the best techniques in a coordinated fashion breaks the vicious pain cycle by treating ALL it’s components. 

If you look at this diagram, you will see the components to this vicious pain 

cycle. Each component, muscle, joint, chemical and disc (like a herniated disc) – can be a cause of back pain all by themselves. 

As you can see, everything is linked together.  This is because your body does not operate in a vacuum. In other words, nothing can happen without having an effect on something else. 

For example, a problem with your muscle will pull abnormally on your joint, which will put abnormal stress on your discs and all this causes swelling and inflammation – chemicals in your body that cause pain and stiffness and more problems. 

So Just Treat The Muscle… Right?

In this case, it might seem logical, to just treat the muscle – because it is the cause. 

This is a common mistake, because even though the muscle was the ORIGINAL CAUSE… it is no longer the ONLY CAUSE. 

The muscle started a chain reaction – and now there are SEVERAL causes – ALL must be addressed and treated for maximum success. 

That’s why, whether you have a herniated disc, low back muscle spasm or pull, sciatica, or just simple low back pain – a combination of these factors must be treated AT THE SAME TIME to break the cycle and alleviate pain in the shortest time possible. And give you the best chance to stay out of pain. 

Know this: If you leave one of these “causes” untreated, the vicious cycle will start and the pain will return. 

This may seem really complicated – but for YOU it’s not. 

Simply put: The “Back To Fun Pain Elimination System” combines the best of Medicine including Manual Medicine, Physical Medicine (including Physical Therapy), Medical Pain Management, and Cutting Edge Scientific Technology (including multiple forms of Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy and Laser Technology) to break the cycle and end back pain as fast as possible. 

The Second Reason Experts Believe This System Works So Well

I discovered in case after case that the combination of all these back pain approaches was the… 

Real Key To Getting Results When So Many Others Had Failed…

And some experts believe this is due to the principle of “synergy.” 

Synergy is a fancy word that means – when two or more “things” work together the result is greater than if the “things” worked independently. 

In other words: 1+1 = 3 or 4 or more… when 1 + 1 have synergy.  Sounds strange, but here’s a great example… 

If you want to lose weight, everyone knows that the combination of eating right, exercise and stress reduction - done all at the same time – has much greater results than doing one of those things – or doing all of them separately. 

When you do all those weight loss things together – they have a multiplying affect (synergy) on each other. The result is much greater weight loss. 

Experts Have found the same “Synergy Effect” to be true for treating back pain.

My results skyrocketed and patients got out of pain faster than they believed possible as soon as they attacked back pain from every possible angle in the “Back To Fun Pain Elimination System” 

And patients not only love the fact that they can end their pain in the shortest time possible – they are amazed at the personal attention they get and simplicity of having one doctor educated and trained in multiple health care and pain relief professions. 

Here’s What Patients Love The Most...

When you suffer with back pain, the most important thing is getting out of pain – FAST. 

And that’s exactly why, in many cases, special minimally or non-invasive procedures or treatments to manage your pain (including advanced laser technology in many cases) are used right away to get you out of pain as soon as possible. 

What patients love so much is this - it is actually possible to begin feeling much better right away. 

And what’s amazing is: for some, this is all they may ever need to remain pain- free for a long time. And what may be the most important part today: 

Because we use well researched and medically accepted treatments, much of the “Back To Fun Pain Elimination System” may be covered by your insurance. 

Which bring us to a very important point:

Some clinics try to make patients commit to long, expensive treatment program right from the start. This may be necessary in some cases but is NEVER the starting point at us.

Most patients get to ease into a care program – to see if it is right for them. 

That’s why patients (ranging from “normal” people to competitive athletes) travel from all over Tennessee… and even across the country… to be treated at Elk River Medical. 

One of the biggest honors is when other doctors travel to Tennessee to be treated by us at Elk River Medical. 

A Special Invitation To See If Dr. Walter Bennett Can Help You

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how bad your pain is, how long you’ve been suffering… or… how many other doctors, treatments and medications you’ve tried and had fail… 

If you suffer with back pain, I would like to give you an opportunity to experience my clinic and see if my breakthrough “Back To Fun Pain Elimination System” can help you – for free. 

That’s why I’m are offering you a free “Back Yo Fun Pain Screening” where you can come in, get a tour of the clinic and discuss your case… one-on-one… with me. 

In this one-on-one time, the staff and I will give you all the details about the program, answer all your questions and you will have a chance to see if the program is right for you and if you can be helped. 

This is completely free . . . no strings attached. And everything (your clinic tour and one-on-one meeting) will take approximately 30 minutes. You will not be given a “sales pitch” or pressured to start care.

We are professionals and very busy – we value you and your time and do not need to do that. Our results and reputation in the community speaks for itself. 

After spending just 30 minutes with us, your fear of back pain will be gone… because you will not only have a much better understanding of what is causing your pain – you will also have a potential solution.

After your screening, you will breath a big sigh or relief finally knowing what going on and what you can do to help you pain.  

If you would like your free “Back o Fun Screening” tour and one-on-one meeting simply call 931-251-3009 Tell whoever answers the phone you want to be scheduled for the “Back To Fun Free Screening.  They will know exactly what it’s about and schedule you for the next time that fits into your schedule. 

Why You Should Do This Right Now

We want to help as many back pain sufferers as possible – especially if you have serious pain and have tried other treatments without success. But, obviously, space and time are limited. 

That’s why, to make sure you get your free tour and one-on-one meeting without waiting – the best thing to do is call as soon as possible. 

This is also important because just like other untreated conditions. . . “Mother Nature,” time and neglect tend to cause back pain to get worse over time. This may require more treatment or limit what treatment can do for you. 

If you wait too long – you may not be able to get the results you are looking for – and may even end up requiring surgery as your last resort. 

The sooner you find out if the “Back To Fun Pain Elimination System” can help you… the sooner you can possibly start relieving your pain and enjoying your life again. 

So, if you would like to start relieving your back pain as fast as possible, give us a call at 931-251-3009 today. 

 One More Thing: The biggest complaint patients have about this program is that they didn’t start sooner. Life is short – and there is no need to suffer in pain – one more moment – when you may not have to. 

Time is the one thing we can never get back.  And it goes by so darn fast.  I often look at my life and say... where the heck did it all go?

No matter how much time we have... it’s short.  And not enough.  I want every second I have to be the best possible.  Without pain.  I bet you do too.

Give me a call.  Talk to me.  Let’s see if I can help.  

The number to call right now is 931-251-3009.

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