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How Long Have You Wanted Your Fibromyalgia To Just Go Away?

Doctor's "Last Chance" Approach To Fibromyalgia Gives New Hope When All Else Has Failed

Fibro Sufferers Pack Tennessee Doctors Office For The Opportunity To see If They Qualify For Innovative Treatment And The Chance To Finally Relieve Pain, Chronic Fatigue and More... 

From the Desk Of Dr. Walter Bennett: 

Fibromyalgia is brutal. 

It might be one of the most misunderstood and mistreated conditions in modern medicine.  

And to make things worse... people who do not have fibro just don’t understand what you are going through.

This Includes Doctors

How many times have you heard:

"It's all in your head."

Or... "Just get over it."


I've even heard doctors saying that kinda stuff.

So here's an important question...

Why is it doctors can give people who are almost blind perfect 20/20 vision again with laser surgery... and they can’t do a damn thing for fibromyalgia?

Well... all that is about to change.

In just a moment I’m going to introduce you the “Last Chance” approach that is finally giving hope to even the worst cases of fibromyalgia.

I’m going to explain all this to you... including how you can find out if it might work for you... for free... in just a minute.

But first... I have to tell you this.  It’s a little background so it all makes sense...

Listen... 20 years ago... I thought relieving the pain and chronic fatigue associated with Fibromyalgia was impossible.

Now my office is filled with happy patients who left some... or all... of their fibro misery behind... and are finally living the life they always dreamed about.  

The best part is probably how quickly I can usually get patients to finally sleep through the night... and wake up well rested.

More on that in just a moment.

Who Am I And Why Should

You Listen To Me?

My name is Dr. Walter Bennett DC,MSN,FNP, Owner of Elk Rive Medical located at 2310-C Thornton Taylor Parkway inFayetteville.  My phone is 931-251-3009.

And I’ll make you a bet...

I’ll betcha you are going to want to call and talk to me as soon as to finish reading this.  

Let's see if I'm right...

I'm actually a little embarrassed to tell you this.  But it's a very important reason why we help so many fibro sufferers today.

In fact... when I first started treating fibro patients...

I Failed Miserably

It was a shock.  

Because... after years and years of school... I thought I could help Fibromyalgia patients.

Everyone I went to school with did, too.


What a mistake that was.

After seeing a few patients... I quickly realized school and text books didn’t have all the answers.

When it came to fibromyalgia... it seemed like they had none.

But I’m sure you know that already.

Now let me tell you something you don’t know...

Instead of thinking I had all the answers... and telling Fibromyalgia patients what to do... I started listening to THEM.

I asked them to help me understand them and their condition.

I really wanted to get to know my patients.  Find out what what REALLY going on.  And dive deep into this condition and finally get some real answers.

Sure... it would be easier to just ignore this condition and treat other patients.

That's what most doctors do.  

But not me.  

There was just too much suffering for me to ignore it.  

Someone had to do something.  

Everyone needs a purpose in life... and this became one of mine.

Long story short... my patients and I worked together.

Hours turned into weeks.  Weeks into months.  And months into years.

Our (me and my patients) understanding of each other and this condition grew.

There was a lot of struggling and frustration... but... something else extremely important also happened.

As we were working together... trying to find a solution... medicine and technology was also changing.

And doing so at the speed of light.

New breakthroughs come so fast in science and medicine... it’s mind boggling.

And with my new understanding of this condition... I was able to use these breakthroughs to finally start helping fibromyalgia suffers no one ever could before.

Suddenly... patients were telling me how much less pain they had.

How much better they were sleeping.

And that was a HUGE one I mentioned earlier. 

As soon as you start sleeping better... so much healing takes place.

It has an tremendous effect that leads to even less pain and so much more energy.

Can you imagine how it would change your life if you could sleep all the way through the night?

Do you think you would feel better... as soon as TOMORROW... if you got 8 hours of sound and uninterrupted sleep tonight?

It's a whole new world when you wake up and jump out of bed well rested and refreshed.

When's the last time you got that kinda sleep and felt that good in the morning?

So anyway... how was all this happening?

The biggest  reason we got such great results with Fibromyalgia when so many others fail... is because we treat the underlying cause... and don’t just chase the symptoms.


I know you’ve heard that before.  But I bet you haven’t heard this...

My 3-Part “Immune-Based” Treatment 

And Why It Works So Well

First you must know this... proper diagnosis is key.  

Many things mimic Fibromyalgia... after so many years working hand-in-hand with Fibromyalgia patients, I have become an expert at determining exactly what is causing your pain and fatigue... but best of all... and how to help it.

Balancing Your Immune System

The next step is balancing out your immune system so you can sleep better, have less pain, eliminate fibro fog and get your life back.

This is done by manipulation of your T1 & T2 levels. 

T1 & T2 cells are part of your immune system... and basically... T1 are pro-inflammatory and T2 are anti-inflammatory.

This can get complicated... but it is easy to see that if these levels are not balanced... a lot of harm is done to your body.

We use peptides to achieve the proper balance... and the results can be dramatic.  And fast.

Not only that... we also perform “Neuro-Muscular Correction” to take the stress off the neuro-muscular system. 

By balancing out your neuro-muscular system... your body begins to function better and starts healing itself.

This combined with the great sleep you are now getting fast-tracks the healing and reduction of pain. 

This is a tremendous help for muscle aches and pains.

Finally, we administer vitamin IV therapy. 

If you suffer with Fibromyalgia... you most likely have vitamin deficiencies.  When your body is not functioning properly... its pretty much impossible not to. 

Our vitamin IV therapy replenishes the vitamins that are low to normalize them and further increases healing.  

This can be a huge... and immediate... boost to your immune system.  

Vitamin C IV was used by many doctors to help treat Covid-19.  

Many reported tremendous success.  

Here's something very important you must know about all this...

Each one of these treatments is "good."

You may have even had one of them.

But the real secret to success with Fibromyalgia comes from knowing how to use all 3 together.

After so many years... and now so many patients with this method... I know how to put all this together to maximize the results for the most patients possible.

All 3 of these treatments come together to often work wonders for so many suffering with Fibromyalgia.

When done correctly!

I believe they work synergistically.  Which means... when done together and correctly...  the result is much greater than the result of doing each treatment individually. 

Botton line is - Fibromyalgia sufferers are finally getting results.

So many are finally able to do all the things they couldn't do because the pain and fatigue was just too great.

The best thing for me is having patients come in to see me... not for treatment... but just to tell me how much their life has changed.

Like playing with their grandchildren again.

Going for walks with their loved ones.

Or just sitting and watching tv... and loving it... because they feel great.

It was a long journey to get to this tremendous success.

So much struggle and frustration.

But now that we are finally here... and helping so many... it was more than worth it!

All this sounds great 

but there is a problem

There is alway a problem right? 

Please understand this:  Everyone is an individual and our treatments get different results for different people.  

That’s true for ALL medical treatments.  

There are just too many factors involved.

And I cannot guarantee results from this.. or any treatment.

No ethical doctor would ever do that.

And to be completely honest... I can't say if you will get ANY results at all.  

But we can honestly say... so many get results they are overjoyed with.

And there is a very good chance you will be one of them.

My Gift To You

As I said earlier... every case in unique... and proper diagnosis is the first step and the key.  That's why I would like to offer you a free evaluation... so we can see exactly what I can realistically do for you.

During your evaluation, you will discover your best treatment options and how it all works in detail.  You will get all your questions answered... and leave here that day feeling much better just knowing what your possibilities are.  

Hope is a very powerful thing  

If you qualify for treatment... you will instantly have hope.  Because if you qualify... it means I feel we can help you. 

If you are suffering with Fibromyalgia and would like a free no obligation evaluation to see if our treatments might work for you...  and have new hope... just give us a call at 931-251-3009.  

We will discuss your case and explain to you the best possible treatment options for free.

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